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2015 - a fresh start

I've had a look at this site and noted that the last time I updated it was almost three years ago. Since then, I've not updated anything for a few reasons: not having a computer for around a year, work commitments, study commitments and family commitments. Over this time, I usually received an email to the oldchs email once every two or three months with a new piece of information, or even more rarely, a new photograph. The problem with the new information was that it was sometimes at odds with the information I was given by others!

If I'm completely honest I also became disheartened with the entire project, and it has nothing to do with you, my reader! Running a website sounds very easy, and in the most part, it is, but the tweaking here and there takes up an inordinate amount of time when compared with the output at the other end. This website is a labour of love, and for a while I fell out of love with it, to the point where I considered pulling the plug on the entire project.

Perhaps some of my readers don't realise that I have nothing to do with Clydebank High School, other than having been a pupil there a good few years ago now. I don't work for the school, in fact I haven't communicated with the school for many years which is something that I want to remedy as they'll have a great archive of material for everyone to look at. I don't get paid for this, in fact to my wife's dismay this website costs me money every month!

The long and short of this message is that I won't be pulling the plug, I'll be revitilising this website over the coming months so that as we enter into 2015 we can all enjoy what's on offer including a few new features such as high-resolution imagery.

I hope you'll be patient with me, and I apologise to anyone I've inadvertenly ignored over the email - I have a backlog of messages to go through. Here's to keeping the memories of CHS alive! Thanks for your help, support and hopefully, understanding. I hope you'll be with me in the future to take us from strength to strength.