The maidens of “Patience”, a school production from 1957

Back row: Marion Strathearn, ?, Isobel Stevens, ?, Jean Kelly, ?, Myra Melville, Betty Wilson, Betty Bankier, Alison McLetchie, June Mushans.

3rd row: Margaret Morris, ?, ?.

2nd row: Tilly Frew, Evelyn Graham, Jane Martin, Mary Paterson, Morag Adams, Joyce Totten, Sandra Kirk, Georgina Russell, Jean McClure, Netta Craigie, Margo Tadros.

Front row: Helen McGregor, Anne Forgie, Jean McPhee, Margot Mort, Mary Currie, Anne Dickson, Margaret McGibbon, Dorothy Gardine, Edna Beaton.

With thanks to Sam Gibson for submitting this photograph.

Class 4B boys, 1955/56

Back: Douglas Brown, Tom Farrell, Ian Fitzsimmons, Jim Campbell, James Leitch, Jim Kerr, Hugh Miller, Jack Watson, Jim Bowie.

Row 3: Brian Ray, Jim Paton, David Houston, Colin Livingstone, Leslie Mushans, Tennent Bourhill, Colin Scott, George Gordon, Clement West.

Row 2: Peter English, George Wylie, Ewan Dougall, Leonard Hendry, Danny Gannon, Tom Wilson, Robert O’Hara, Oswald Keeler, Brian Laird.

Front: Jimmy Armstrong, Bryce Welsh, John Strathearn, Alan Ramsay, Gordon Summers, Dennis McLaughlin.

With thanks to Sam Gibson for providing this photograph and names.

1957 combined hockey teams

Back Row: Margaret McIndoe, Evelyn Graham, Jean Morrison, Tilly Frew, Netta Pressagh, Elizabeth Thomson, Isobel Campbell, Jean McIndoe, Margot Mort, Helen McGregor.

Third row: ?, ?, Ellen Bruce, ?, ?, Wilma Paton, Alice Ferguson, Hazel Woods, Alison McLetchie.

Second row: ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?.

Front row: ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?.

Thanks to Sam Gibson for this photo.

Second year football team – 3rd eleven – 1957-58

Back row: Frank Wallace (Gym teacher), James Cairney, James Niven, John McNab, Colin Greenlees, Andrew Scanlon, Alec Wales, William Black (Gym teacher).

Front Row: Peter Sloan, Hugh McLean, Terry Tannock, Bobby Hope, Alastair Melvin, Jimmy Harkness, Norman McDade.

The awards on display are the Scottish Schools Shield and Glasgow Schools Shield.

With thanks to Andrew Scanlon for this photograph.

First year class 1A, 1956-57

Back row: Robert Kerr, John Gillies, John Devine, Irving MacDonald, Andrew Wyper, Jim Crawford, Andrew Scanlon.

3rd row: John Dunsmore, Stewart Hillis, Kenneth Morrison, Eric Milne, Robert Hope, William Bishop, John Scott, Norman McCleary.

2nd row: Alan Middleton, Ian Taylor, Harold Mead, Tom Asher, Robert Michie, Peter Sloan, Barclay Weir, Ian McNeil.

Front row: Ian Paterson, David McKinnon, Cameron MacGregor, Hugh Candlin, Tom MacDonald, Jim Bellingham, Steven Monaghan, Robert Maxwell

With thanks to Andrew Scanlon for this photograph.

Note: This photo was originally listed as featuring “Peter Candlin”. It has been brought to our attention that this is in fact his younger brother, Hugh.

5th Year Girls – 1956

Back Row: Margaret Muirhead (McDougall), Anne Forgie (Munro), Margaret Reid, June Mitchell, Jean Morrison (Ross), Jean McPhee (Niven),Ellen Gray (Galt), Margaret McIndoe (Bell).

Middle Row: Mary Currie, Kathleen McCafferty (Henry), Betty Bankier, Marjorie Stewart (Butchart), Margaret Morris (Turish), Julie Merrett,Anne McCraken (Downie).

Front Row: Rita Bulloch, Evelyn Graham (Ramage), Margaret Carson (Anderson), Alice McAusland (Cartledge), Marian Cuthill (Tytler), Christine Baker, Elsie Mullen (Hamilton), Betty Wilson (Andrews), Isobel Campbell (McAbery).

With thanks to Sam Gibson for this photograph. Married names where known are shown in brackets.

Prefects – 1957

Back row: Donald Paterson, Joe McAbery, Sam Gibson, David McLetchie, Forbes McNaughton Duncan Anderson.

Middle row: Elizabeth Wilson (Andrews), Alice McAusland (Cartledge), Margaret Morris (Turish), Evelyn Graham (Ramage),Isobel Campbell (McAbery), Chrissie Grant.

Front row: Mr Munro, Jean Morrison (Ross), Gordon Hogg (Captain), Dr Thomas Davidson (Rector), Jean McPhee (Niven) (Captain), Bill McNab, Miss Davie.

With thanks to Sam Gibson for this photograph.

Prefects – 1958

Back Row: Edward Davidson, Tom Farrell, Andrew McGhie (Vice-Captain), Colin Livingstone. Ronald Clark, Robert Allan, Neil Buchanan.

Middle Row: Joyce Pinkerton (Tosh), Edna Beaton (Scott) (Vice Captain), Elizabeth Thomson (Johnston), Jean McIndoe (Hughes), Ellen Bishop (Bruce), Margot Mort and Isobel Taylor (Mahaffey).

Front Row: Miss Davie, Jim Hughes (Captain), Dr Davidson (Rector), Wilma Paton (Captain) and Mr Munro.

With thanks to Sam Gibson for this photograph. Married names are shown in brackets.

Class 1C – 1951/52

Back: John McKimmey, John Lindsay, Jim Gilmour, Bill McNab, Sam Gibson, Willie McVean, Tom Sillars

Row 3: Campbell Findlay, John Davidson, Ann Gold, Helen Brown, Edna Cuthbert, Margaret Reid, Jean Morrison(Ross), Helen McConnell(?)

Row 2: Irene Laycock , Mary Frame, Mary McGregor, Daphne McKay, Helen Kelly(Provan), Bertha Nelson, Mary Currie, Lucy Dillon (?), Grace Crichton

Front: Ann Boyle, Margaret McIndoe (Bell), Ann Tait(Duncan), Jack Watson, George Coulter, Ronnie Smith.

With thanks to Sam Gibson for submitting this photograph and names.

Athletics Team – 1957/58

Standing (From left to right): Teacher is Frank Wallace, Ian Black, Tom Barlow, Charlie Stimpson, David McGhee, ???, Alistair Sanderson, John Gardiner, ???, Gorman Green, ???, Howard “”Hondo”” Grainger, teacher is William Black (standing beside him is Terry Tannock). Standing next to teacher Frank Wallace, and in front of Tom Barlow is Ian Black. Standing in front of Frank Wallace is Hugh McLean.

Middle Row Seated: In front of Mr Wallace is Hugh McLean, second from left is Wallace Brattan, fifth is May Smith.

Front Row: Miss Brown, Alison McLetchie, Jean Hamilton (Asher), ?, fifth from left is Joyce Totten, ?, seventh is Ann Wilson, ?, ?, Joan Wearmouth (Green), Miss Samuel.

With thanks to John Gardiner (pictured) for submitting this photograph and names and Andrew Scanlon for correcting and adding some names.

Fourth Year Class 1951

Back row: Agnes Brattan (known as ‘Senga’), Pauline Campbell, ?, Elma Robertson, Cathie Faulds.

Middle row: Jean Struthers, Jane Bell, Jessie Scott, Audrey Irwin, ?, Fay Hay.

Front row: ?, Elma McElroy, Lydia McPhee, Georgina Colquhoun, Irene Swankie, Chrissie Boyd

Thanks to Jean Kerr (Struthers) and Anne Bell (CHS 1967) for adding to the names listed here.

Fourth Year Class – 1956

Back row: John Asher, Neil Buchanan, Ian Finlayson, Andrew McGhie, Greer Johnson, John Lindsay, Alan Johnston, Hudson Scott, John Gourlay, Stephen Boyd, Peter Halkett.

3rd row: Glen Stirling, Steven Wilson, Martin Frew, James Michie, Donald McPhee, Colin Munro, Ian Cooper, Alistair Andrews, James Hughes, Gordon Johnstone.

2nd row: Jim McNee, Andrew McKechnie, James ‘Rufus’ MacGregor, Tom Nugent, William Tait, John Sandeman, Ronald Clark, Leslie Mushens, Stuart Goodman, Robert Fergie, Kenneth Donaldson.

Front row: Robert Allen, Edward Davidson, Roy Campbell, James Sommerville, James Yulie, Peter Bain, Watson Bell, Peter Logie

With thanks to Sam Gibson for correcting and completing the list of names.

Class 3C – 1952

Back row: Peter McKay, Ewen Maclean, Tom Stevenson, Robert Spaulding, Sam Wilson, Jim McGregor, Billy Young.

3rd Row: Tommy Michie, George McConnell, Ian Turnbull, Tommy Mulvie, Jim Maxwell, Jack Branston, Hamish Noble, Tommy Robbins,Lawrence Hay.

2nd row: Douglas Thomson, Johnny McLaughlin, George Blundell, Walter McVean, Willie Richards, Andy Clark, Joseph McIleer, Teddy Margach.

Front row: Pete Elliot, Andy Russel, George Walker, John Welsh, Fergy Summers, Davey McLelland, Willie Mercer, Alec Smith, George Smith.

Class 2E – 1952

Back row: Billy McCrea, Ronnie Young, Alan Bales, Jim Dempster, Colin Campbell, Ian Campbell, Ian Cooper, Gordon Johnson, Joe McCoach.

3rd row: Jim Scrimshire, Stuart Goodman, John Greer, Jim McDonald, Stephen Redfern, Robert Livingston, Peter Halkett, Joe McCabe, Campbell Tait.

2nd row: Tom Reilly, Robert Gillespie, Hugh McCarrol, Robert Wood, John McDonald, Jim Allen, Roddy McKenzie, Jim Mercer, Robert Harvey.

Front row: Jim Bell, Peter Thompson, Alan McFeeters, George Sloss, John Dempster, Peter Coyle.

School Personalities – 1958

Standing: M. Malcolmson, G. Marshall, H. Scott, M. Mort.

Seated: J. Dornan, J. Hughes, W. Paton.

This photograph was found in the 1958 Clydebank High School magazine. Many thanks to Joan Batson (nee Dornan, front left) for getting in touch with us. She advised that she was the Dux that year, and that “the raffish fellow to my left is the much cleverer runner-up, James Hughes. The others are, I think, the School Captains and the Sports Captains”.

Sports Preliminary – 1958

John Gardiner (Jumping)

This photograph was found in the 1958 Clydebank High School magazine.

John Gardiner got in touch with oldchs.co.uk to let us know that it is him taking part in the high jump. He said “The event was staged on the ash surface of the football field with landing pit consisting of a layer or two of sand. My style was based on the “Western Roll”. This was long before the “Straddle” and “Fosbury Flop” techniques evolved. I cleared 5ft 1inch on the day. However my win in the Shot Putt led to my inclusion in school team that competed in the County Championships (see photo of Athletics team with both trophies)”.

Class IIIB – 1955/56

Back: Morag Adams, Frances Sayer, Isobel McFadden, Hazel Wood, Anne Dickson, Avril Campbell, Carol Osborne, Jean Angus, Sheena Clark.

Middle: Margaret Armstrong, Myra Greer, Christine Currie, Helena Stewart, Margaret Pollock, Elspeth Elliot, Jocelyn Begbie, Sheila Rose, Alice Turnbull.

Front seated: Ethne Whitelaw, Margaret McFadyen, Dorothy Gardner, Margaret Head, Margaret Douglas, Anne McCabe, Wilma Stewart, Mary French, Janette Reavey, Morag Smith.

Front kneeling: Barbara Bryde, Carole Lambert, Joan Dornan, Agnes Saunders, Emma McNee, Ludavine MacIntosh.

Not in picture: May Cameron, Zeala Rapson. Form Mistress: Miss Sclater.

Fifth Year – 1951/2

Back: James McAdam, Kenneth Black, Leslie Cooper, Kenneth Campbell, John Manson, Iain Nicol, Gilbert Howatson, Ian McPherson.

Second Back: Douglas Hammond, William Potter, David Brown, Alex. McEwan, Hugh Bryson, Alistair Ferguson, George Clyne, James Proctor, Archie Corbett.

Middle: Isobel Wotherspoon, Jemima Ferguson, Catherine Hector, Ann McLeod, Elsie Clark, Jessie Brown, Agnes Potts, Ann Hay, Elizabeth McLellan, Aileen Elder, Anne Martin.

Second Front: Jean Douglas, Martha Orr, Ruth Hughes, Elspeth Paul, Catherine Fleming, Jean Condie, Barbara Kleft, Mary Bratton, Marion Bowman.

Front: Mary Mauchlen, Myra Faulds, George Wells, James Kennedy, William McCreadie, Alex. MacKay.

Photo and names provided by Sam Gibson. Thanks also to Jemima Ferguson (pictured, now Mima Stewart) filled in the mystery blank!

Class 1A – 1951/2

Back row: ?, Dixon White (Whyte?), David Henderson, John Forbes, John Butcher, Iain (Ian?) Vetters, John M Anderson, Tom Oswald, Jim McAuley.

Third row: William (Bill) Banks, G Hudson Scott, David McLetchie, Jim Miller, John Anderson, Joe McAbery, Jim Dunbar, Neil Buchanan, William Abbot.

Second row: Adam Maxwell, Donald Paterson, Gordon Hogg, J Steven (Stephen?) Wilson, David Warden, Archie Milroy, ?, Donald MacLennan.

Front: William (Willie) Greig, Jim McGregor, Jim Over, Gordon Kent, Tom McDougall, Robert Allen.

Note: Andrew Moore did not attend school on day of photograph.

Photo and names provided by Donald MacLennan.