1972/73 album – 03

Back row: John Ross, Ian “Bo” Burns, Andy Hamilton, Drew Kildare, Kenny Wilson.

Front Row: Graham Box, Jim Rodger, Alex Jaimieson, Ian McGeahie, Graham McCallum.

Missing: Davy Banks / Jim Fanning / John Black

Thanks to John Ross for the names. He also let us know that he recalls this team were beaten in the semifinal of the Glasgow Schools league by Victoria Park 2-1. Victoria Park went on to win the competition by a good margin. He also told us that Alex Jamison was as u/15’s Scotland cap & S Form for Oxford, John Black was S Form with Wolves, Jim Rodger was senior with Airdrie & Clydebank, Jim Fanning was senior with Clydebank and Ian McGechie was with Rob Roy.

Staff early 1970s

Back row: Neil Campbell (Gym), Mr Shaw (Technical), Tom Wilson (PT Technical), John Smith (PT Mathematics), Davy Glen (PT Physics), John Traill (PT Geography), Hugh Waterford (PT History), Mr Craig (Chemistry).

Middle row: Ronnie Clarke (APT Art), Willie Rodger (PT Art), ?, ?, Mr Logan (PT Modern Languages), Duncan McEwan (PT Biology), Scott Duncan (PT Business Studies / Commerce), Jean Cunningham (Biology / Mathematics), ?.

Front row: Alison McDonald (PT English), ?, John Hume Brown (PT Geography & Asst Rector Middle School)?, Marcia McLaren (Art / Asst Rector Lower School), Mr Bennie (Asst Rector Administration), Mr John Templeton Robertson (Rector), Tom Murray (Depute Rector), Bill Jones (Asst Rector Senior School), ?, Jeannie Thompson (PT Music).

Thanks to Douglas McKerracher, Scott Inglis, Andrew Scanlon and Charlie Campbell for the names. Charlie told us that this must be the early 1970s given the arrival and departure of several members of staff pictured during this time and that Tom Murray became Rector of Vale of Leven Academy from 1974/75.

1978 Folk Club

Back row: ? (5th year), Alistair Johnston (5th year), Ian Johnston (6th year), Ian Howard (6th year), Eric Behrant (6th year), Rhona Cowan (5th year), ? (5th year).

Front row: ? (5th year), Hazel Munro (6th year), Lindsay Milligan (Head Girl – 6th year), Alex Blackwood (Physics teacher), Wilson Frazer (Head Boy – 6th year), Norma McColl (6th year), ? (5th year).

Norma Shields (nee McColl) wrote to OldCHS and said that at first glance this looks like a photo of the prefects, but they’re not all present. As such, with Alex Blackwood there she thinks that this is more likely to be the folk club, which he ran.

Silver Jubilee Inter-Schools concert programme

A concert was held in Clydebank High School on Wednesday, 9th November and Thursday, 10th November 1977 to celebrate the silver jubilee of HM Queen Elizabeth II. The programme contains 25 items and productions by the different school across the authority, including: Clydebank High School, Braidfield High School, Carleith Primary, Edinbarnet Primary, St Andrew’s High, St Columba’s High, Clydemuir Primary, Our Lady of Loretto Primary, St Mary’s Primary, Linnvale Primary, Elgin Street Primary, Kilbowie Primary, Whitecrook Primary, Our Holy Redeemer Primary, Goldenhill Primary and Dalmuir Primary.

Prefects – 1979

Back row: ?, Craig Larner, Calum MacLeod, ? , John Marshall, Tom Clark, Alan MacLean, Andrew Duncan, Alan Walker, ? , Karen McKeeve, Gordon Miller, Andrew Cassells

Third row: Elaine Gellen. ?, Ishbel McAleer, Senga Croall, David Morrison, David Cowan, Leslie Donaghy, Graham Davidson, William Wilson , Christine Montgomery, ? , ? , ?.

Second row: Lesley Dick, Susan Gilmore , Susan Primrose, Carol Spalding, Karen Williamson, Lynn McGowan, Christine Love, Margaret Muir, ?, Elaine Hart, Ruth Darling, ? (might be Fiona Campbell?)

Front row: Elaine Lees, Graham Kean, Bruce Hyslop, Dorothy Shaw, Duncan Penny (Depute Head), John T. Robertson (Rector), Margaret Wilkie (Head Girl), Iain Langlands (Head Boy), Gail Tarburn, Alisdair Johnson.

With thanks to Leslie Donaghy for submitting this photograph and names.

Class 2C, 1970/71

Back row: Ronnie Fraser, Alasdair Heads, Alan Fraser, Eddie Hudghton, James Gourlay, Alex Hepburn, Jim Harden, Christopher Goldie, Colin Hillis, Hugh Gravel, Alistair Forsyth, Boyd Irwin.

Middle row: Elizabeth Hamilton, Moira Hewitt, Emily Hood, Duncan Hewitson, William Gibson, Paul Foster, Alan Harris, Lesley Hall, Elizabeth ?, Irene Johnson.

Front row: Linda Jamieson, Joanne Howitt, Allison Hamilton, Catherine Handley, Lynn (Surname unknown), Elaine Harvey, Fiona Harton, Lorraine Hamilton, Janice Jenkins, Linda Grainger, Violet Greer.

With thanks to Lorraine Hamilton for submitting this photograph and Alasdair Heads for further names and class and year identification.

Elaine Watson got in touch to provide us with the one missing name: her! She was then known as Elaine Harvey and moved to England with her family.

Rector 1968-1984 – Mr J T Robertson

1968 saw the arrival of Mr Robertson as Rector of Clydebank High School. He oversaw major changes in the education system, most of all comprehensivisation in 1972 when CHS became one of four comprehensives in the area. He also oversaw the building of the school extensions, most notably, the “tower block” as it was known.

Mr Robertson came to CHS with the reputation of an impresario. This reputation grew with plays like “Everybody out!” and “The Wizard of Awe”. His shows ensured that all pupils were able to contribute whether they were musical or not. Another claim to fame was that he wrote “The Bash Street Kids”, and this was the talk of the school during the seventies.

Mr Robertson died in 2007, his obituary can be found here.