Davaar House – 1981

Back row: Flora McLean, Catherine McGurk, Lesley McKay, Brian McLaughlin, Gordon McCombe, Joseph (Surname unknown), David Watt, ?.

Middle row: ?, Andrew McKay, ?, Craig McDougall, ?, Norman MacLeod, Neil McLean, ?.

Front row: ?, Fiona McDonald, Sandra McHutchinson, Joyce …, Laura McInnes, Karen McGeechie, Jackie McGroggan.

This photograph was originally provided by Catherine McGurk.

Gary McKendrick has been in touch and confirmed that it is Davaar house and also provided some names.

Janice Hyslop has also provided names for this photo.

David Jennings gave us the name of Brian McLaughlin, referring to him as “brainy”!

Rector 1984-2000 – Mr C M O’Brien

Mr O’Brien joined CHS in 1984 and faced both problems and opportunities resulting from the continual change in education in the 1980s and ’90s. He also faced the transition for the exam systems, from “ordinary” grades to “standard” grades etc. He announced his retirement from the school just before the Christmas break in 1999 to take up a new position as a Councillor in Stirling.

Rector 1968-1984 – Mr J T Robertson

1968 saw the arrival of Mr Robertson as Rector of Clydebank High School. He oversaw major changes in the education system, most of all comprehensivisation in 1972 when CHS became one of four comprehensives in the area. He also oversaw the building of the school extensions, most notably, the “tower block” as it was known.

Mr Robertson came to CHS with the reputation of an impresario. This reputation grew with plays like “Everybody out!” and “The Wizard of Awe”. His shows ensured that all pupils were able to contribute whether they were musical or not. Another claim to fame was that he wrote “The Bash Street Kids”, and this was the talk of the school during the seventies.

Mr Robertson died in 2007, his obituary can be found here.