Davie Cooper Celebration Tournament programme (1998)

This programme from 25th October 1998 was a celebration of former Clydebank, Rangers and Motherwell player Davie Cooper (1956-1995). Part of the event held at Boghead Park, Dumbarton, saw Clydebank Schools play Dumbarton Schools. Do you know what the final score was? Did you play? Let us know!

The document is a scan of the original and comes in pdf format. Click on the download button above to view. It was found in a loft and sent to OldCHS!

Early 1990s staff photo

Back row: Mr Neville (Geography), Mr Smart (English), Mr Reid (Technical), Mr McClements (Technical), ?.

Row 5: Mr Smart (History), Mr Geddes (English), ?, ?, ?, Mr Patterson (Maths/Physics), Mr Samson (PE), Mr Clark (Art), Mr Copeland (Technical), Mr Gorman (Technical).

Row 4: Mr Murray (Chemistry), Mr Inglis (English), Mr Smith (Business Studies), Mr Kelly (Music), Dr MacDonald (Chemistry), Mr Strang (Maths), Mr Halliday (Maths), ?, Mr Bourhill (Physics), Mr Rankin (English), Mr Scrimgeour (English), ?, ? (Janitor).

Row 3: ?, ?, ?, Mrs Hough (Modern Studies), ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Mrs Caldwell (Home Economics), Mrs Cleife (English), ?, Mrs McNab (English), ?.

Row 2: Mrs McDonald (Maths), Miss McIntosh (Maths), ?, Mrs Wilson (English), Mrs Goodstadt (Languages), ?, ?, ?, Mrs Kelso (English), ?, Mrs Seagrave (Maths), Mrs Dempsey (RE), ?, ?, Mrs Clark (Languages).

Front row: Mr McEwan, ?, Mr Patterson (PE), Mr McBride, Mr McGhee (Depute Rector), Mr O’Brien (Rector), Mr Patterson (AHT), Dr Watson (History), ?, Mr Logan (French), Mrs Maskell (French).

Thanks to Neil Harris for providing the name for Mr Bourhill (Physics). Neil states: “He [Mr Bourhill] left soon after Mr Kelly (Music) arrived so the photo should have been taken around 1990 or 1991”.

Ian L. McHarg CV

Ian L. McHarg was a pupil at CHS and became hugely successful professionally. He wrote to the Rector of CHS in 1998 as part of the 125th anniversary celebrations and enclosed a highly impressive CV of his achievements. He wrote “I have nothing but gratitude for the education that I received at Clydebank”.

You can read his profile by clicking here.

Class 3C1 – 1994

Back row: Ross Moffat, ?, Eddie Esdale, Iain Higgins, Alan Davie, Neil Davidson, Mark O’Donnell, John Hamilton, ?, ?.

Middle row: Lisa Wilson, Jennifer Johnstone (Campbell), Amanda McKenzie (Archer), Natalie Logan, Emily Donnelly, Louise Johnson, Cheryl Murray, ?, Sarah McGarvey.

Front row: ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?.

With thanks to Lyndsay McKay for filling in some blank names.

Class 4A1 – 1994

Back row:Gordon Little, Christopher (?), David Konstantinou, Gordon Rankine, Alan Carline, Gregor McKelvie, (?), Greg Townsley

2nd row: Gillian McKay, Laura Mount, Liesha Ross, Leanne Hamilton, Karen Hay, Kirsty Sutherland (Konstantinou), Karen Wilson, Leanne Sweeney, Vicky Hamilton

Front row: Lyndsey Edwards, (?), Louise Goodall, (?).

Surnames in brackets indicate the married names of the pupils.

Class 4C2 – 1994

Back row: (?), Stephen Brown, Ross Hainen, Liam McInally, Andrew Teo, Cameron Sargeant, John Nicholson, (?), David Trotter, (?).

2nd row: (?), Annabell McDougall, Arlene Nicol, Catriona Peters, (?), Laura-Jane McNememy (Konstantinou), Julie (?), Jennifer McColgan.

Front row: (?), (?), (?).

Surnames in brackets indicate the married names of the pupils.

Class 4D2- 1994

Back row: Gordon McKirkle, Derek Campbell, Mike Pickering, Ian Anderson, Duncan McMillan, Richard Banks, Alan Forsyth, Andrew Crawford, Ross Phillips, Stewart Gaffney.

2nd row: (?), Laura McQueen, (?), Leeane Johnstone, Janine Taylor, Karen MacKenzie, Ashleigh McCann, (?), Debbie Wright

Front row: Pamela Cullen, (?), (?), Gavin Causer, Craig Shannon, Vivienne George.

Class 6 – 1994

Back row: (?), (?), (?), (?), (?), (?), (?), (?), Craig Phiilips, (?), David Murphy.

3rd row: (?), (?), (?), (?), (?), (?), (?). (?), (?), (?), (?).

2nd row: (?), (?), (?), Pamela Dickson, (?), (?), (?). (?), (?), (?), (?), (?), (?).

Front row: (?), (?), Nicola Furphy, Ross Hamilton, Gillian Mitchell, Allan Holton, (?), Rhonda Hendry, (?).

Class Captains & Vice Captains – 1994

Back row: Lorna McElroy (5C1), Julie Thom (5C2), Carla Belkevitz (3B1), Maria Robertson (3D1) Gregor McKelvie (4A1), Cameron Sargeant (4C2), Ross McDougall (4D1), Brian Ferguson (1A3), Mandy Stevenson (4B1) Lynsey Halley (4C1), Debbie Wright (4D2), Pauline Hodkinson (4A2).

3rd row: John Hamilton (3C1), Alan Graham (3B2), Jennifer Wood (2B3), Mhairi Gilchrist (2A2), Pamela Scanlan (2B1), Christina Davidson (2C1),Liza McLelland (2B2), Lynne Reid (2D2), Laura Crawford (2A1), Juile Law (2C3), Stephen Maxwell (1A2), Donna Causer (1A1), Craig Bulloch (1B2), Jennifer Gibson (1C3)

2nd row: Graeme Cowan (2A3), Fiona Reid (1D1), Stuart McLean (2C2) Mhairi Campbell (1D3), Jim George (2D1), Stephanie McDonald (1D1), Carole Norman (1C1), Lynn Proctor (1B3), Alison MacDonlad (1B1), Alasdair MacKenzie (1C2), Nicola Wilson (3A1), Juile Gibson (3A2), Richard Craig (3D2).

Front row: Juile Harris (5B2), Sheila Donnelly (5D1), Pamela Dickson (6AB), Allan Holton (6AB Depute Head Boy), Gillian Mitchell (6CD Head Girl), Ross Hamilton (6CD Head Boy), Nicola Furphy (6AB Depute Head Girl), Colin Reid (6CD), Craig Irvine (5B1), Phillip Pettigrew (5A1).

Staff – 1994

Row 7: Mr Smart (History), Mr McClements (Technical), Mr Cairns (Modern Studies), Mr Reid (Technical), Mr Rae (PE), Mr Scrimgeour (English), Mrs Hancock (Janitor), Ruby (Office), Mr McInnes (Mathematics), Mr Paterson (Chemistry).

Row 6: Jim (Janitor), Mr Sampson (PE), Mr Stirling (Art), Mr Halliday (Mathematics), Mrs McAleer (Office), Mrs Lindsay (Art), Mrs Duff (Art), M McMillan (French), R Melvin (Office), Mrs Goodstadt (Modern Languages), Mrs Munn (Modern Languages), Mrs I Ross, Mr A Denovan (Biology).

Row 5: Mr S Forrest (Mathematics), Mrs Morris (Music), Mrs Grant (English), Mrs Bobby (Technician), Mr Murray (Chemistry), Mrs Dempsey (RE), ?, Mr Moore (Modern Languages), R Rolland (French), ?.

Row 4: Alistair (Janitor), Mr Rankin (English), Mrs Aikman (PE), Mrs McIntosh (Mathematics), Mrs Seagrave (Mathematics), ?, ?, Mrs Knowler (Biology), Mrs Phillips (Biology), Mrs Dickson (Business Studies), ?.

Row 3: ?, ?, Mrs McLean (Mathematics), Mrs McDaid, Mrs Graham (Geography), ?, Mrs Wilson (English), ?, Mrs Peach (Business Studies), Mrs Allison (Chemistry), ?, Mrs McNab (English), ?.

Row 2: Mrs McKain (Geography), Mr Neville (Geography), Mr Clarke (Art), Mrs Morson (English), Mrs Hough (Modern Studies), Mr Morrison (RE), Mr Kelly (Music), Mr Gorman (Technical), Mr Paterson (Physics), Mr McEwan (Biology), Mr Inglis (English), Mrs Cogan (Office), Mr Strang (Mathematics).

Row 1: Mr Glen (Physics), Mrs Caldwell (Home Economics), Mr Smith (Business Studies), Mr Paterson (Art/AHT), Mr J McGhie (Depute Rector), Mr O’Brien (Rector), Mrs C Ford (AHT), Mr McBride (AHT), Dr MacDonald (Chemistry), Mr Logan (French), Dr Watson (History).

Rector 1984-2000 – Mr C M O’Brien

Mr O’Brien joined CHS in 1984 and faced both problems and opportunities resulting from the continual change in education in the 1980s and ’90s. He also faced the transition for the exam systems, from “ordinary” grades to “standard” grades etc. He announced his retirement from the school just before the Christmas break in 1999 to take up a new position as a Councillor in Stirling.