03 Kilbowie Road (1888-1941)

The third school building: Kilbowie Road (2)

The third building to house our school was opened in 1888 on Kilbowie Road, only fifteen years after the original Bothy School had opened. The second building had become overcrowded very quickly, necessitating the new school. The new design capacity was for 1,500 pupils, compared to the 446 of the old school.

Built on the site of the original Kilbowie Road School, it caused public outcry at the cost of construction which was £20,000 (approximately £2.5million in 2018 terms). This was an overspend of £7,000 (£893,000 in 2018) compared to the original budget of £13,000 (£1.65million on 2018).

The Rev John Stark who was a member of the school board and supporter of building the new school was so unpopular for the massive overspend that effigies of him were burned on the streets of the town!

This building was destroyed during the Clydebank Blitz of 13th & 14th March 1941.

The photo above is from the West Dunbartonshire Council Archive and a “then and now” photo is available on their website here.