04 Miller Street (1911-1947)

Miller Street building

Opened in 1911, the Miller Street building was the fourth building to house “Clydebank School”. In fact, it was this building that allowed the separation of Primary and Secondary schooling in the town, and so “Clydebank High School” was born.

By 1906, the School roll had risen to 1,600 which was 100 over the design capacity of the Kilbowie Road building opened in 1888. As such, it was agreed that a new school could be built to supplement this capacity with enough room for a further 350 pupils.

The Miller Street building was predominantly used to house the “Higher Grade” pupils whilst the Kilbowie Road building continued with “Primary” and “Supplementary” pupils.

The Miller Street building was severely damaged during the Clydebank Blitz in May 1941, but it survived and was replaced by the Shelley Drive building which opened in 1947.