05 Shelley Drive (1947-2009)

Shelley Drive building – R Jennings collection 05

A view of the corridor running from Modern Studies to the English Department. For those who attended CHS a few years ago, the departments may have changed location. To orient you, the assembly hall is currently out of the windows on the left of the photo and this corridor is the wing closest to the playing fields. The corridor looks very empty without the displays on the walls, however, this was taken as the school was being emptied for the move to the new Janetta Street building.

Shelley Drive building – Post-Blitz

This photo was discovered by Sam Gibson during a blitz exhibition in Clydebank Library. Sam then forwarded it to OldCHS. It shows the building (which at that time had not yet been opened as a school) surrounded by the devastation caused during the Clydebank Blitz of 13th/14th March 1941. In the background is the “Holy City” destroyed by the bombing. The famous Singer clock also appears on the right of the photo. Photo credit: West Dunbartonshire Council, Clydebank Library.