Ian L. McHarg CV

Ian L. McHarg was a pupil at CHS and became hugely successful professionally. He wrote to the Rector of CHS in 1998 as part of the 125th anniversary celebrations and enclosed a highly impressive CV of his achievements. He wrote “I have nothing but gratitude for the education that I received at Clydebank”.

You can read his profile by clicking here.

Silver Jubilee Inter-Schools concert programme

A concert was held in Clydebank High School on Wednesday, 9th November and Thursday, 10th November 1977 to celebrate the silver jubilee of HM Queen Elizabeth II. The programme contains 25 items and productions by the different school across the authority, including: Clydebank High School, Braidfield High School, Carleith Primary, Edinbarnet Primary, St Andrew’s High, St Columba’s High, Clydemuir Primary, Our Lady of Loretto Primary, St Mary’s Primary, Linnvale Primary, Elgin Street Primary, Kilbowie Primary, Whitecrook Primary, Our Holy Redeemer Primary, Goldenhill Primary and Dalmuir Primary.

Prefects – 1979

Back row: ?, Craig Larner, Calum MacLeod, ? , John Marshall, Tom Clark, Alan MacLean, Andrew Duncan, Alan Walker, ? , Karen McKeeve, Gordon Miller, Andrew Cassells

Third row: Elaine Gellen. ?, Ishbel McAleer, Senga Croall, David Morrison, David Cowan, Leslie Donaghy, Graham Davidson, William Wilson , Christine Montgomery, ? , ? , ?.

Second row: Lesley Dick, Susan Gilmore , Susan Primrose, Carol Spalding, Karen Williamson, Lynn McGowan, Christine Love, Margaret Muir, ?, Elaine Hart, Ruth Darling, ? (might be Fiona Campbell?)

Front row: Elaine Lees, Graham Kean, Bruce Hyslop, Dorothy Shaw, Duncan Penny (Depute Head), John T. Robertson (Rector), Margaret Wilkie (Head Girl), Iain Langlands (Head Boy), Gail Tarburn, Alisdair Johnson.

With thanks to Leslie Donaghy for submitting this photograph and names.

Prefects – 1961/62

Back: Harold Mead, John Devine, Tom MacDonald, Robert Kerr, John B. Gillies, Andrew Scanlon

Row 3: Shiela Livingstone (Park), Jean Hamilton (Asher), Jean Ferrier, Peter Sloan, Ian McNeil, Ena Roberts, Sheena MacDonald, Annette McPherson (Gillies)

Row 2: John H. Gillies, Miss McLaren, Norman MacMillan, Dr. Davidson, Caroline Ireland (Steel), Mr. Munro, Anne Allardyce

Front: Aileen Cleare, Sheila Tait.

With thanks to Andrew Scanlon for this photograph and John Gillies for additional names and corrections.

Prefects – 1957

Back row: Donald Paterson, Joe McAbery, Sam Gibson, David McLetchie, Forbes McNaughton Duncan Anderson.

Middle row: Elizabeth Wilson (Andrews), Alice McAusland (Cartledge), Margaret Morris (Turish), Evelyn Graham (Ramage),Isobel Campbell (McAbery), Chrissie Grant.

Front row: Mr Munro, Jean Morrison (Ross), Gordon Hogg (Captain), Dr Thomas Davidson (Rector), Jean McPhee (Niven) (Captain), Bill McNab, Miss Davie.

With thanks to Sam Gibson for this photograph.

Prefects – 1958

Back Row: Edward Davidson, Tom Farrell, Andrew McGhie (Vice-Captain), Colin Livingstone. Ronald Clark, Robert Allan, Neil Buchanan.

Middle Row: Joyce Pinkerton (Tosh), Edna Beaton (Scott) (Vice Captain), Elizabeth Thomson (Johnston), Jean McIndoe (Hughes), Ellen Bishop (Bruce), Margot Mort and Isobel Taylor (Mahaffey).

Front Row: Miss Davie, Jim Hughes (Captain), Dr Davidson (Rector), Wilma Paton (Captain) and Mr Munro.

With thanks to Sam Gibson for this photograph. Married names are shown in brackets.

School Personalities – 1958

Standing: M. Malcolmson, G. Marshall, H. Scott, M. Mort.

Seated: J. Dornan, J. Hughes, W. Paton.

This photograph was found in the 1958 Clydebank High School magazine. Many thanks to Joan Batson (nee Dornan, front left) for getting in touch with us. She advised that she was the Dux that year, and that “the raffish fellow to my left is the much cleverer runner-up, James Hughes. The others are, I think, the School Captains and the Sports Captains”.