Headteacher 2000-2015 – Mr S Young

Mr Young joined CHS in August 1997 as Depute Rector, replacing Mr J McGhie. With the departure of Mr O’Brien in December 1999, he was promoted to lead the school through many changes. These included two of the biggest challenges a school community could face: amalgamation and change of premises.

The amalgamation of Braidfield High School with CHS took the school roll to almost 1,500 pupils. The construction of a new Clydebank High has resulted in a modern school building which is “fit for the 21st century”.

Mr Young retired from teaching in 2015. You can read about this in the Clydebank Post by clicking here.

Rector 1984-2000 – Mr C M O’Brien

Mr O’Brien joined CHS in 1984 and faced both problems and opportunities resulting from the continual change in education in the 1980s and ’90s. He also faced the transition for the exam systems, from “ordinary” grades to “standard” grades etc. He announced his retirement from the school just before the Christmas break in 1999 to take up a new position as a Councillor in Stirling.

Rector 1968-1984 – Mr J T Robertson

1968 saw the arrival of Mr Robertson as Rector of Clydebank High School. He oversaw major changes in the education system, most of all comprehensivisation in 1972 when CHS became one of four comprehensives in the area. He also oversaw the building of the school extensions, most notably, the “tower block” as it was known.

Mr Robertson came to CHS with the reputation of an impresario. This reputation grew with plays like “Everybody out!” and “The Wizard of Awe”. His shows ensured that all pupils were able to contribute whether they were musical or not. Another claim to fame was that he wrote “The Bash Street Kids”, and this was the talk of the school during the seventies.

Mr Robertson died in 2007, his obituary can be found here.

Rector 1921-1941 – Dr A C Paterson, JP, MA, BA(Lond.) PhD, FEIS

Dr Andrew Cecil Paterson’s contributions to the school vary. Firstly, he introduced the school colours of gold and chocolate. He was praised by inspectors for his pupil’s work. He saw his school take part in extra curricular activities, such as the girls’ choir on BBC radio in 1931 and in the following year, the Football first XI won the Scottish Secondary Schools’ shield at Hampden.

Dr Paterson’s history at CHS
1900-1906 Master, Pupil Teachers’ Central Classes
1906-1911 Master of Method, Junior Students
1906-1920 Principal Teacher of English and French
1911-1920 Second Master, Higher Grade School
1921-1941 Rector, The High School

Dr Paterson’s book – “The educational history of Clydebank” is available at the research library in Clydebank and a copy is held at the University of Glasgow. You can read more information here.

Rector 1909-1920 – Mr F A Watson

Mr Watson took over a school which was in a “satisfactory” condition, except for overcrowding. This problem was about to get much worse. With the outbreak of WWI in 1914 Clydebank saw a sudden influx of workers for the war industries and the school role suddenly rose to 2800.

The local Drill hall was used to accommodate the extra pupils. To worsen his problems, 14 of his staff went away with the forces! He suddenly died in December 1920, aged 46. His successor said he was “killed by overwork”.