1978 Folk Club

Back row: ? (5th year), Alistair Johnston (5th year), Ian Johnston (6th year), Ian Howard (6th year), Eric Behrant (6th year), Rhona Cowan (5th year), ? (5th year).

Front row: ? (5th year), Hazel Munro (6th year), Lindsay Milligan (Head Girl – 6th year), Alex Blackwood (Physics teacher), Wilson Frazer (Head Boy – 6th year), Norma McColl (6th year), ? (5th year).

Norma Shields (nee McColl) wrote to OldCHS and said that at first glance this looks like a photo of the prefects, but they’re not all present. As such, with Alex Blackwood there she thinks that this is more likely to be the folk club, which he ran.

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