Class 1A – 1951/2

Back row: ?, Dixon White (Whyte?), David Henderson, John Forbes, John Butcher, Iain (Ian?) Vetters, John M Anderson, Tom Oswald, Jim McAuley.

Third row: William (Bill) Banks, G Hudson Scott, David McLetchie, Jim Miller, John Anderson, Joe McAbery, Jim Dunbar, Neil Buchanan, William Abbot.

Second row: Adam Maxwell, Donald Paterson, Gordon Hogg, J Steven (Stephen?) Wilson, David Warden, Archie Milroy, ?, Donald MacLennan.

Front: William (Willie) Greig, Jim McGregor, Jim Over, Gordon Kent, Tom McDougall, Robert Allen.

Note: Andrew Moore did not attend school on day of photograph.

Photo and names provided by Donald MacLennan.

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