Early 1990s staff photo

Back row: Mr Neville (Geography), Mr Smart (English), Mr Reid (Technical), Mr McClements (Technical), ?.

Row 5: Mr Smart (History), Mr Geddes (English), ?, ?, ?, Mr Patterson (Maths/Physics), Mr Samson (PE), Mr Clark (Art), Mr Copeland (Technical), Mr Gorman (Technical).

Row 4: Mr Murray (Chemistry), Mr Inglis (English), Mr Smith (Business Studies), Mr Kelly (Music), Dr MacDonald (Chemistry), Mr Strang (Maths), Mr Halliday (Maths), ?, Mr Bourhill (Physics), Mr Rankin (English), Mr Scrimgeour (English), ?, ? (Janitor).

Row 3: ?, ?, ?, Mrs Hough (Modern Studies), ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Mrs Caldwell (Home Economics), Mrs Cleife (English), ?, Mrs McNab (English), ?.

Row 2: Mrs McDonald (Maths), Miss McIntosh (Maths), ?, Mrs Wilson (English), Mrs Goodstadt (Languages), ?, ?, ?, Mrs Kelso (English), ?, Mrs Seagrave (Maths), Mrs Dempsey (RE), ?, ?, Mrs Clark (Languages).

Front row: Mr McEwan, ?, Mr Patterson (PE), Mr McBride, Mr McGhee (Depute Rector), Mr O’Brien (Rector), Mr Patterson (AHT), Dr Watson (History), ?, Mr Logan (French), Mrs Maskell (French).

Thanks to Neil Harris for providing the name for Mr Bourhill (Physics). Neil states: “He [Mr Bourhill] left soon after Mr Kelly (Music) arrived so the photo should have been taken around 1990 or 1991”.

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