Fourth Year Class – 1956

Back row: John Asher, Neil Buchanan, Ian Finlayson, Andrew McGhie, Greer Johnson, John Lindsay, Alan Johnston, Hudson Scott, John Gourlay, Stephen Boyd, Peter Halkett.

3rd row: Glen Stirling, Steven Wilson, Martin Frew, James Michie, Donald McPhee, Colin Munro, Ian Cooper, Alistair Andrews, James Hughes, Gordon Johnstone.

2nd row: Jim McNee, Andrew McKechnie, James ‘Rufus’ MacGregor, Tom Nugent, William Tait, John Sandeman, Ronald Clark, Leslie Mushens, Stuart Goodman, Robert Fergie, Kenneth Donaldson.

Front row: Robert Allen, Edward Davidson, Roy Campbell, James Sommerville, James Yulie, Peter Bain, Watson Bell, Peter Logie

With thanks to Sam Gibson for correcting and completing the list of names.

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