Staff early 1970s

Back row: Neil Campbell (Gym), Mr Shaw (Technical), Tom Wilson (PT Technical), John Smith (PT Mathematics), Davy Glen (PT Physics), John Traill (PT Geography), Hugh Waterford (PT History), Mr Craig (Chemistry).

Middle row: Ronnie Clarke (APT Art), Willie Rodger (PT Art), ?, ?, Mr Logan (PT Modern Languages), Duncan McEwan (PT Biology), Scott Duncan (PT Business Studies / Commerce), Jean Cunningham (Biology / Mathematics), ?.

Front row: Alison McDonald (PT English), ?, John Hume Brown (PT Geography & Asst Rector Middle School)?, Marcia McLaren (Art / Asst Rector Lower School), Mr Bennie (Asst Rector Administration), Mr John Templeton Robertson (Rector), Tom Murray (Depute Rector), Bill Jones (Asst Rector Senior School), ?, Jeannie Thompson (PT Music).

Thanks to Douglas McKerracher, Scott Inglis, Andrew Scanlon and Charlie Campbell for the names. Charlie told us that this must be the early 1970s given the arrival and departure of several members of staff pictured during this time and that Tom Murray became Rector of Vale of Leven Academy from 1974/75.

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