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Prefects Session 1951-1952

Prefects Session 1951-1952

Back row: A. Munro, N. McLeod, M. Clark, J. White, G. Kee, J. Murray.
3rd row: J. Condie, J. Wotherspoon, J. Ferguson, F. Lamont, R. Maclachlan, A. Perry, R. Ross.
2nd row: M. Brattan, A. Martin, A. Potts, M. Gray, A. Hay, J. Brown, E. Clark.
Front Row: J. McCafferty, Miss Davie, W. Black (Captain), Dr. Davidson, M. McKay (Captain), Mr. Shankie, C. Fleming.

Fourth Year Class 1951

Fourth Year Class 1951

Back row: Agnes Brattan (known as 'Senga'), Pauline Campbell, ?, Elma Robertson, Cathie Faulds.
Middle row: Jean Struthers, Jane Bell, Jessie Scott, Audrey Irwin, ?, Fay Hay.
Front row: ?, Elma McElroy, Lydia McPhee, Georgina Colquhoun, Irene Swankie, Chrissie Boyd

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Thanks to Jean Kerr (Struthers) and Anne Bell (CHS 1967) for adding to the names listed here.

Football First Eleven 1958/9 Team

1958/9 Football 1st Eleven

Back Row: Andrew Matthews, Tom Bryson.
Middle Row: Teacher is David Hanning?, George Murray, Tom Barlow, John McLaughlin, David Paterson.
Front Row: Walter McAtamney, John Fullerton, John Gardiner [Captain], Alistair Sanderson, David McGhee.

With thanks to John Gardiner (pictured) for submitting this photographs and names and John Gillies for corrections.

Athletics Team - Late 1950s

Late 1950s Athletics Team

Back row: Teacher is Frank Wallace, Tom Barlow, Charlie Stimpson, David McGhee, ???, Alistair Sanderson, John Gardiner, ???, Gorman Green, ???, Howard "Hondo" Grainger, teacher is William Black. Standing next to teacher Frank Wallace,
and in front of Tom Barlow is Ian Black.
Middle Row Seated: In front of Mr Wallace is Hugh McLean, second from left is Wallace Brattan, fifth is May Smith.
Front Row: Seated is teacher Miss Brown, Alison McLetchie, fifth from left is Joyce Totten, seventh is Ann Wilson,
teacher is Miss Samuel.

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With thanks to John Gardiner (pictured) for submitting this photograph and names and
Andrew Scanlon for correcting and adding some names.

4th year “B” Boys-1955/6

1955/6 4th Year

Back row: Douglas Brown, Tom Farrell, Ian Fitzsimmons, Jim Campbell, James Leitch, Jim Kerr,
Hugh Miller, Jack Watson, Jim Bowie.
3rd row: Brian Ray, Jim Paton, David Houston, Colin Livingstone, Leslie Mushans, Tennent Bourhill,
Colin Scott, George Scott, Clement West
2nd row: Peter English, George Wylie, Ewan Dougall, Leonard Hendry, Danny Gannon, Tom Wilson,
Robert O’Hara, Oswald Keeler, Brian Laird.
Front row: Jimmy Armstrong, Bryce Welsh, John Stratheam, Alan Ramsay, Gordon Summers, Dennis McLaughlin.

With thanks to Sam Gibson for submitting this photograph and names.